Welcome to Hakerdood.com. You are here
for one of two reasons; either you
just happened across it via Google or
you have seen an email from
hakerdood.com. Either way, you are
curious as to what Hakerdood is all
about. Unfortunately, you are probably
in for a disappointment.
Hakerdood's origin goes back to the late 90's. I was in college at the
time and working at Babbage's Software (now know as GameStop). A group
of friends and work associates decided that we need cool AOL screen
names that had something to do with computers. Thus hakerdood became my
AOL screen name. I'm sorry to say that I don't know the first thing
about hacking, but the name does sound cool right?

Cool or not, the nick name stuck, so I bought the domain. For a short
time a few years ago, hakerdood.com hosted a Neverwinter Nights fan site
with mods that I made and servers that I hosted. Sadly, life goes on,
and with it, my free time. Now hakerdood.com is nothing more than a
vacant parking spot on the information superhighway.

I offer my apology for wasting your time. I will, however, direct you to
a few slightly more useful sites.